Cylinder packages designed and built to meet the most rigorous industry and international safety standards

Global Gases Group manufactures Offshore cylinder quads/racks (Packs) in-house at our facility in Kuala Lumpur. All new cylinder Packs are manufactured to ISO standards and meet DNV accreditation for offshore usage.

The KL facility also operates a full cylinder maintenance facility including cylinder testing by state of the art ultrasonic examination and Pack refurbishment. This facility represents a substantial investment by the Global Gases Group to support its expanding operations and provide our customers with superior products and services.

Global Gases supplies individual gas cylinders in a “Pack” of cylinders commonly referred to quads or racks in the offshore industry. The standard Pack sizes supplied by Global Gases consist of either 16 cylinders vertically mounted or 48 to 64 cylinders in a horizontal configuration. The Pack frames themselves are each placed through an exacting series of drop and proof loading tests. This ensures that the gas cylinders, filled to up to a 300 bar working pressure, will not be damaged and release their contents under operational conditions.

Global Gases also produces customised Pack sizes to meet specific customer requirements (e.g. to fit into limited available space) and will be pleased to discuss further, on request.